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Acoustic Room Components


Adhesive| AD-532+

Additional information

Green criteria

  • Healthy Buildings
  • Improves acoustical performance

Product presentation

  • AD-532+ is a urethane based adhesive made for adhering an acoustical membrane or engineered wood flooring to concrete or to a wood surface (plywood or OSB) and an engineered wood to a membrane.
  • It is approved for use with prefinished and unfinished; parquet, laminated boards, acrylic impregnated wood, cork and all forms of engineered wood flooring materials.
  • It has an excellent initial grab to hold the boards in place during installation.
  • AD-532+ can be used with all kinds of floor heating systems.


  • 100 % moisture cure urethane adhesive
  • Solvent free and contains no water
  • Lighter than most urethane adhesives
  • Integrated antimicrobial protects product in wet or dry conditions

Installation / Delivery

  • Product delivery is by truck or truck and train.
  • The installation is realized by professionals hired by a third party.


  • The user assumes all responsibility for use in accordance with instructions.
  • The manufacturer’s responsibility is limited to replacement of the products.

Pre-consumer : 0 %

Post-consumer : 0 %


Technical Data documented and validated by :Vertima

The final manufacturing location:  Garland, Texas, USA, 75041


Technical Data documented and validated by : Supplier

VOC Content: 15 g/L


Technical Data Validated by: Supplier

Date: May 2015

LEED Credits: Coming soon, ongoing update

Technical Data Validated by: Vertima

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