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AcoustiTECH VP Membrane

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Green criteria

  • Healthy Buildings
  • Improves acoustical performance

Product presentation

The AcoustiTECH™ VP membrane is the most appropriate for the specification in new construction or renovation. Its excellent performances will please condo owners and property management companies. AcoustiTECH™ VP membrane also provides thermal comfort and optimizes the performance of electrical radiant heating systems and is compatible with hydronic radiant heating systems. It increases the sound quality of the room by reducing the echo caused by floating floors.


  • Easy to install and stays firm enabling easier installation of flooring
  • Especially designed for the installation of floating floors, the membrane has high structural strength, it will resist to delamination or to the structural failure
  • High quality vapor barrier that protects the floating floors from water vapor emission that can prematurely deteriorate it
  • Exceeds vapor barrier recommendations from the industry and floating floor manufacturers

Installation / Delivery

  • Product delivery is by truck or truck and train.
  • The installation is realized by professionals hired by a third party.


  • The user assumes all responsibility for use in accordance with instructions.
  • The manufacturer’s responsibility is limited to replacement of the products.

Pre-consumer : 42 %

Post-consumer : 0 %


Technical Data Validated by: Vertima

In effect since : May 2015

The final manufacturing location : Laval, Québec, Canada, H7L 3Z1



Technical Data Validated by: Vertima

In effect since : May 2015




Technical Data Validated by: Vertima

In effect since : May 2015

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Technical Data Validated by: Vertima

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