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Quebec City, October 19, 2016 – In conjunction with the Contech Building Exhibition in Quebec City, Québec International (QI) and Quebec City’s ACCORD/Green and Intelligent Building (GIB) sector of excellence are pleased to launch QUEBOX, a initiative aimed at promoting made-in-Quebec manufacturing expertise focusing on sustainable buildings.

In addition to being an association of Quebec manufacturers, QUEBOX is a marketing tool with an innovative virtual “materials catalogue” of products and technologies geared towards the construction of low-carbon-footprint buildings. Currently encompassing around 15 manufacturers and over 80 Quebec-made products, materials, technologies and building systems, the QUEBOX.CA web platform provides comprehensive third-party-verified information on environmental performance with a view to supporting LEED® certification.

QUEBOX is also based on the deployment of a strategy targeting markets in the US North-East and Ontario, including trade missions and specifier outreach, in addition to a series of presentations involving Quebec-based architects and specifiers to be rolled out gradually over the coming months and years.

“Québec International is proud to have taken part in this project, which aims to support the growth of innovative manufacturing companies. With the launch of this new marketing platform during the Contech Building Exhibition, we hope that a growing number of firms will join forces with QUEBOX as they position their expertise and stay on the cutting edge of their industry,” said Carl Viel, CEO of Québec International.

“Now that the fight against climate change has become a global priority, sustainable construction can no longer be regarded as a mere market trend. Today, it is an inescapable reality. The province of Quebec has significant comparative advantages, including access to abundant renewable energy and resources. Local manufacturers can capitalize on these advantages as they develop products and technologies designed to help reduce building-related carbon footprints. Thanks to QUEBOX, we can spotlight these ground-breaking pioneers while encouraging all manufacturers to develop greener products,” added Normand Hudon, architect and president of the ACCORD/GIB sector of excellence.

Geared towards architects, developers and product specifiers, QUEBOX’s virtual materials catalogue can be used to design sustainable buildings with low carbon footprints. As a decision-making tool adapted to the specific features of various types of sustainable construction and renovation projects, QUEBOX offers significant value added. Simple to use and offering a wealth of products classified according to applicable standards, QUEBOX enables users to easily find the
information they need to gauge product performance, including environmental product declarations (EPDs). Users can also contact manufacturers directly.

QUEBOX is an initiative stemming from the ACCORD/GIB sector of excellence and was developed with the support of Quebec’s Ministry of the Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI), the City of Quebec and Québec International. To discover QUEBOX, please visit QUEBOX.CA.

About Québec International (QI)
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About the ACCORD program
The ACCORD program (Action concertée de coopération régionale de développement) is a high-priority provincial government initiative designed to revitalize the economy in Quebec’s regions. Drawing on regional economic strengths, the program seeks to mobilize local business communities in the pursuit of excellence in strategic sectors.

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