The Cité Verte

Cité Verte is a 9.3 hectare green district located in Quebec City’s Saint Sacrement neighbourhood. It consists of 15 variable-use buildings, most notably condominiums, townhouses, social housing, offices and businesses. Eventually, there will be 800 housing units and approximately 6,700 square metres of commercial space.

In terms of structure, the new buildings are made of concrete, while the townhouses and other smaller buildings are made of light-framed wood.

Special emphasis was placed on collecting rainwater (islets, ponds and a large catch basin) and on reducing water consumption. The project has generated estimated water savings of 94 million litres per year, equivalent to 38 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Cité Verte’s main source of heat is a 5 MW forest biomass boiler. This project is also an ENVAC technology showcase (ENVAC is a vacuum system used to collect waste materials; it has an annual capacity of 1,460 tons). The on-site trees that had to be cut down were recycled into softwood lumber and landscaping chips.

Cité Verte is Québec’s very first large-scale multi-residential mixed development in the area of green and intelligent buildings.


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Photos : SSQ Immobilier